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Hi, I am Pamela Rose Penrod
It's nice to meet you and I am glad to see you here today.  By you being here, it shows that you care and are interested in doing what you can to help erase this blight from the face of the Earth.  From personal experience, I can tell you about the scars left by childhood abuse. The scars are deeply embedded and control you your whole life. They are so dramatic and long lasting, you will never escape from the inner demons.
I wrote my life story and had it published to make people aware of what is happening each and every day in America. Satistically, in America one in four children will be abused.  This is a shamefull autrocity!!
This site is not about selling my book, it is about awareness and how we can help. I am an advocate for all abuse victims and feel very strong about what is happening right under our noses.
It's time to make a stand and put the perpetraters where they belong...behind bars.
This problem does not just afflict our children, but also grownups, both male and female, from all sectors of life. Abuse does not know race, color, sex, or one is safe.
I do not know how people miss the signs that are so very obvious when a child has been abuse.  Either their not being watched or people choose to look the other way.  I don't know.  I do know when I was being abused, no one seemed to notice.  I find this hard to believe, because I know I had to demonstrate changes in personality.  It would have been impossible not to have.  Maybe it's human nature to ignore.  By doing so, the problem is no longer real.  To me, this is ludicrous, the victims need help and quickly if they are to ever have any semblance of normality in life.


THIS IS THEN: Oh No, not any abuse in our home...we wont have it!! Hide it in the closet! No one can find out. Not our family!! Tie it up with a pretty bow! Keep silent forever!! Nevermind that the victim will tragically spend all the days of their life in a world of pain to horrible to fathom by most.

THIS IS NOW: It is the twenty-first century and as tragic as it may be, it can’t be hidden anymore. The reality is that abuse is a very real problem in these United States. Today people are free to step forward and grab the attempt to help heal themselves. The monsters can no longer hope to stay hidden. They will be revealed and dealt with. Unlike before, victims can come forward and share their pain with others. They no longer have to feel like a dirty, nasty thing with no worth. This is how it should be!!!

I believe this Photo says it all!

This face speaks volumes!
How can you not feel the sadness in this child?